Why use eMVision? Get deeper insights – fast


Why use eMVision?

Get deeper insights – fast

  • See the trends that drive your business through beautiful, fully interactive dashboards that show you what really matters
  • Conduct analyses in minutes that typically take hours, days – or even longer.

Optimize your Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaigns

  • Save your dashboards in Tableau, then click on any data to instantly push it back into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Retarget and optimize existing campaigns and define new, high-performing programs.

Visualize data from other business systems in a single view

  • Point and click integration of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud data with other systems such as: eCommerce, CRM, social media, web analytics and more.

The more you use eMVision the smarter your reports get – and the better your email performs.

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The Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Tableau Integration

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